25 hilarious photos of cats sleeping on dogs

25 hilarious photos of cats sleeping on dogs

  • By Carlee Carbone
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If you are a pet owner, then you will certainly relate to the following pictures. That’s especially true if you have both a cat and a dog, because they are known to play with one another and just enjoy life. When it comes to cats, these cute creatures are always trying to find a comfortable and cozy spot where they can sleep all the time. In fact, it’s easy for them to sleep just around anywhere, that’s how dedicated they are to sleeping and enjoying life in all of its glory!
But even if cats and dogs are known to have their differences, the reality is that nap time will usually end up bringing them together. You see, both of them like heat, and thus you will always end up finding a dog right near the cat. Or, as you can see from these images, your cat might be on top of the dog most of the time.
Plus, just like we are in need of a fluffy pillow, you will see that cats require a dog to stay comfortable and enjoy their time. What ends up is maybe one of the most interesting, visually enticing results that you can find out there!
1. Farm life

2. Stay like that, you will wake up the cat!!

3. Cuteness overload sitting on an very large dog

4. Can you spot the dog in this picture?

5. So fluffy and soft, it’s my perfect bed!!

6. Please give me a bit of space!

7. Stay like that dog, I like it!!

8. We always wanted a double-sized bed to fit us both!

9. Oh look, we have matching sheets!

10. Here you go cat, get some warmth!

11. This works really well, despite what you would expect.

12. This is such a soft pillow!!

13. He’s so tiny and cute!

14. Can you spot the cat??

15. This is some serious love towards the bed right now!

16. Get them away from me!!

17. Sleep friend, it was a rough day!

18. Everyone’s happy!

19. Cuuute!

20. Perfect way to sleep, we just need the lights off!

21. If you don’t remove the noise, this pillow will get killed fast!

22. Sleepy time!

23. Thank you for sleeping with me, friend!

24. Damn, this memory foam mattress is so soft!

25. Wait, what???

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